Director: Susan Rowe

Archivist: Leigh Eckmair

Board of Trustees

President: Marjorie Butterworth

Vice President: Jennifer Brickley

Treasurer: Marie Stebbins

Secretary: Nona Slaughter

Trustees: Carol Clum, Barbara Lilley, Allyson Picozzi, Jody Hughes, Fred Johnson.

You may email the board of trustees at

Please use the board email to contact the board for library business only. Solicitation will not be answered if sent to the board email address.

About The Building

The first Free Library Association to be formed in the county, the Gilbertsville Free Library stands as a symbol of architectural pride and beauty to both past and present day village residents.

The building was rebuilt in stone after the original wood-frame schoolhouse had burned down in 1818. The building had served as both the Public School grades 1-8) and as an Academy (a private secondary school) until 1839. This combination of the district school and the Academy however soon outgrew the building's capacity and a new Academy was built on the 'hill' nearby. In 1869, the entire building was abandoned when even the number of students enrolled in the district school alone had outgrown the building's capacity. For about 15 years this unique and beautiful structure suffered the "slings & arrows" of abuse; first as a marble shop and then for a few years as a blacksmith shop. Then, In 1888, Eames and Young of St. Louis were commissioned as architects for renovations so that the building could be used as a library. And thus it has remained through the vigilant support of its volunteers.